Discipline might well be a measure of the extent to which a film sticks to the rules it has established. Do all the techniques service the theme? Are the performance style, cinematography, editing, design, and music united behind a common voice, one that was selected via the content? Is the narrative told in accordance with the rules of pacing that it established, never staying with a shot or scene too long or not long enough? Are the aesthetic approaches utilized by the different departments working in unison for the intended effect?
Does all of the content further the story or the themes of the film? Unless self-indulgence is part of the concept, have all aspects of such self-indulgence been stripped away? Unless digression is part of the film’s concept or organizing structure, has the film avoided such digression?
Ultimately, to what degree is all of this done?

~ From 32 Qualities Of Better Film.

If an artist follows this quality, so many of the others on the list fall into place. 

(via directingfilm)

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Also, this little excerpt is informative. Read it. Read it well.

Just something I want to say

Instead of playing pity party, I’m just gonna take refuge knowing that you actually care and want to be around me. I can’t even describe how much It kills me inside to finally know that I’m capable of doing such a horrible thing to you.

Since day 1, I knew I liked you. I just wasn’t sure I was ready. I didn’t want to have you feel the same way I did when it happened to me. I really love you, I believe I do, I want to be with you and make you happy.

No, I’m not like the rest. No, I’m not your worst enemy. I just want to love you while finding out what I might love as a career. You’re just like me and I like that about you, about us. I really want us to work and work together as the lovely couple we are. You’ve lived your life a little differently than I, maybe you could show me a thing or two about love. I’m sorry I am mean, I’m just scared is all.
Please. Don’t leave, I love you.

(I’m sure some have been in this spot before. Like that one song says, “you gotta love the one you’re with.”)